“The Canadian Firearms Institute is a non-profit National Firearms Owners advocacy and resource organization dedicated to protecting Canadians’ Firearms Heritage.”

Private Property Range Insurance

Joining is as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE:

  • ONE: Fill out the “Private Club Partnership” form
  • TWO: Complete the Partnership Application
  • THREE: Remit payment for club fees and individual partnership (cheque, Visa, MC or EMT)
  • PrivateRangeApplication.pdf.

Your Club Partnership and/or insurance coverage is effective immediately, upon the receipt of the completed application forms and payment by CFI HQ. Please email to office@canadianfirearmsinstitute.ca

 Private Club Partnership: (All Services & Benefits)

    • 5mil 3rd party Liability
    • Access to reduced property, business and instructor insurance.
    • $350.00 (Includes additional coverage for you and your family members)

$5,000,000 3rd Party Liability Insurance

  • We offer the most comprehensive coverage available in the market today; we have partnered with Lloyds of London, through our Broker – York Alliance to ensure this. Our policy is continually reviewed and updated to ensure that it will be there if ever needed.
  • Primary Insurance – at club functions or on club property for both the club and CFI members
  • Coverage for liquor during award banquets and AGM’s
  • All affiliated judges, officials, range officials and volunteers at sanctioned events of the club/organization are included in this coverage.
  • Guests and probationary members are included (must sign in)
  • Coverage extends to sanctioned activities outside of Canada (subject to any TP suites being brought in Canada)
  • Covers Archery, Hunting and Fishing activities of members– primary if no other insurance exists –co-insured when other insurances exist.


  • Professional activities: Police officers, security guards, etc. are not covered while on duty.
  • Intentional criminal acts only (other association policies exclude any incident where firearms charges are laid).
  • Participation in activities that take place in countries for which travel advisories have been issued by Foreign Affairs.

 Additional Money Saving Benefits – The more $$ we save you the more $$ you have for ammo.

 Reduced Property Insurance

As a CFI partner you have access to our exclusive CFI Live Easy Program for Home and Auto insurance for firearms owners. Specifics included but not limited to:

  • Will cover ALL firearms on the premises
  • Will cover ALL firearms when temporarily removed from the premises (ranges, competitions and while in transit)
  • Discount on auto insurance when combined with home insurance
  • Will cover boats, ATVs, cottages etc.
  • Additional loyalty reduction for CFI members on overall premium.

Please contact our dedicated broker (who is herself a firearms owner) for a quote.
Janet Graham, RIB
York Alliance Insurance Brokers Inc
P – 905-831-9572 or #289-315-1016
Toll free – 1-877-515-1264 – CFI MEMBERS
F- 1-905-888-7901
E – janet.graham@yorkalliance.com


Business Insurance Options

As a CFI partner – you have access to reduced premiums for your business insurance needs.
To obtain a quote, please contact our dedicated broker (who is himself a firearms owner and a commercial specialist):
John Anderson
York Alliance Insurance Brokers Inc.
50 Bur Oak Ave.,
Markham, ON L6C 0A2
P- 905-831-9572 (Direct Line)
Toll free – 1-877-515-1264 – CFI MEMBERS
F- 905-888-7901
C- 416-895-2262
E- john.anderson@yorkalliance.com

 Firearms Instructors Liability Insurance

This program is designed specifically to provide the necessary liability coverage to CFI partners who teach any all firearms related training courses up to and including those that have a live fire component. This applies not only to CFI courses but all firearms training courses you may teach.
The basic coverage provides $2,000,000 liability coverage for those whose annual instruction income is $100,000.00 or less at an annual cost of $250.00. Additional coverage can be obtained at increasing rates.

Please contact: office@canadianfirearmsinstitute.ca for an application form.