CFI National Recreational Action Pistol Program

CFI Action Pistol Shooting is open to all individuals who are interested in Action-type courses of fire, which combine speed and accuracy with shooting at multiple targets. Membership with CFI is not required for participation.

How To Get Started
Find a tournament or match being conducted near you, contact the listed sponsor and request a program. Attend this tournament as a spectator; this will give you an opportunity to observe how it is conducted and talk to the sponsor and competitors. Be sure you don’t disturb the competitors during the match – the time between relays is a good time to talk to them.

You will see a variety of equipment and accessories. Every competitor has his own opinion as to what is best. This may sound confusing, but remember, you’re there to gather information.

If there is a club in your area, make arrangements to attend one or more of their practice sessions. This will serve the same purpose as attending a tournament except a practice session is not always conducted under match conditions. However, this will give you a better opportunity to talk about equipment. Also, you may have an opportunity to actually shoot one or more types (brands) of pistols which will help you to decide which seems best for you.

New Shooter?
An excellent way for a new shooter to start in competitive shooting is a league. Although CFI rules are used, a league or club based program is generally informal. Usually a handicap system is used so all individuals or teams have an equal chance of winning. An Official League Handbook and application is available at no cost from the CFI.

Should you decide that competitive shooting is the sport for you, you may find that you wish to join a local club. Ask three questions of your prospective club leaders; 1. Does the Club have a range or access to a range? 2. Does the Club have an active action pistol program? 3. Is the membership open? If you can answer “Yes” to all three of the questions, then you have found a good starting place (most shooting activities are sponsored by local gun clubs).

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