CFI National Recreational Action Pistol Program


“The Canadian Firearms Institute is a non-profit National Firearms Owners advocacy and resource organization dedicated to protecting Canadians’ Firearms Heritage.”

This program, the rules, regulations and supporting documentation is provided to the Clubs across the country as one of the many resources we provide, and may be downloaded from our site and used free of charge.

The purpose of this is two-fold:

  • Resource for Clubs
    • standardized courses of fire that can be grouped together to form matches
    • used by them to strengthen their club’s communal nature
    • encourage growth by providing opportunities for competition.


  • Advocacy
  • encourage the overall growth of the community by providing a standardized internationally accepted system for classification and ranking
  • provide an opportunity for interested individuals to compete on a broader level
  • Raise the profile and awareness of our sporting community as a whole.

The structure and rules of this program have been adopted from the NRA Action Pistol Program with their permission.

For additional information please contact the CFI at