Business Partnership

We understand that your success ensures the success of the community and we are focused on providing you as a gun retailer or gunsmith, the following:

  • real cost saving benefits for your business
  • a collective voice with respect to issues that directly affect your bottom line and the strength of the Canadian firearms community as a whole
  • cost effective and targeted advertising

Please take a moment to download our business partner package or continue reading for further details. ( Business Partner Application)

As gun owners we are often charged extra for necessary services – especially insurance, because nobody understands.

In order to provide our Business Partners with a much needed benefit, we have been able to create a group insurance policy that is unique to our industry and clearly has the needs of our businesses in mind.

Our group insurance is exclusively offered to our CFI Business Partners and guarantees:
  • the coverage you need
  • at a price you can afford
  • and is guaranteed to save you a minimum of 10% of what your currently pay.

Your partnership with us is necessary because of the way that this policy has been created.

You are welcome to contact our underwriter – John Anderson of York Alliance who works directly with Lloyds of London – for a quote so you can judge for yourself – our dedication to you, your business and your continued success.

Your business can also take advantage of the many other benefits we offer:
  • EXCLUSIVE Group Business Insurance Program for Retailers and Gunsmiths – Guaranteed to SAVE YOU 10% or more on your current rates.
  • Access to our NATIONAL CFO LIAISON, who will provide you with mediation should the need arise – AT NO COST
  • TARGETED e-mail distribution of any sales/events and reach the customers YOU want to reach
  • Free worldwide marketing of your business on our web site.
  • Regular E-mail updates of issues affecting your business including monthly ON-TARGET newsletter.
  • Political advocacy – your voice and face in Ottawa and the Provincial Capitals while utilizing professional public relations firms.
  • Opportunities to participate in special promotional programs.
  • Help support an Organization that supports you and your customers.
  • 24/7 toll-free answering services in place with prompt answer back.
  • All designed to benefit, assist and strengthen your business.

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