Donate A Gun

Most of us have a gun or two that we don’t often carry. Now, here’s a chance to help another shooter get started with affordable gear—or own a special firearm—while giving strength to the organization that protects your rights.

We make it easy for you. Your donated gun will be sold by John Simpson Auction, and you can donate all the proceeds to the CFI or put half in your own pocket. We do the work, and it’s a great chance to support your watchdog on firearms issues.
Honour your Mentor or Partner. Do you have a keepsake gun that you don’t often carry, one that you keep because of someone who owned it? Through our Legacy Gift program, their memory is honoured with support for firearms advocacy. If that gun would see more use in someone else’s hands, you can donate it in the name of the person whose memory you want to honour. You can donate one of your own guns in the name of a special person too. We’ll publish their name in the Legacy Charter of our Canadian Shooter’s Journal – the Publication of the CFI — a permanent record of their commitment to hunting and shooting sports.

Take a moment and think of what you have in the locker, and what you would give to keep our heritage and traditions alive. All proceeds go to fight the good fight!

We’ll also take ammunition, accessories and firearms paraphenalia. Please contact program coordinator Jim Newman at (705) 627-9232 today, and we’ll do the rest.

You can also email

For your commitment to shooting rights, THANK YOU from the firearms owners of Canada.