Alliance Partnership

The sole purpose of the alliance of firearms organizations is to present a strong, united and focused voice in an effort to preserve our firearms heritage and protect our future.

CFI has laid the groundwork for this alliance to become feasible and will continue to pursue our main goal of protecting and promoting the Canadian Firearms Community. With the support and commitment of the many firearms organizations in Canada, we can – as a community – ensure our survival.

All organizations within the firearms community will be welcomed.

The activities will be funded directly by the participating organizations. Each will be asked to donate on a per member basis.

The funding received will go toward offsetting the cost of the following: •A professional media spokesperson residing in Ottawa.

  • Administering the alliance activities
  • A pro-active public relations program.
  • A comprehensive and effective political action program.
  • Continued national polling

The alliance is intended:

  • To supplement, enhance, and coordinate, not replace any organization’s present activities.
  • To enable any organization not presently publicly active to have a voice.
  • To be a resource for sharing and coordinate activities of the Alliance members
  • To present a large strong united firearms community


Add you Organization’s voice to the Alliance – contact Pyper Unitt,  Acting CEO (705)-689-3167 or