It’s not about how great WE are, but rather how great we can help YOUR club become.


It’s not about how many times we get our name in the paper, how many fights we have with the establishment or how many times we are asked to comment.  In fact, we consciously avoid these things as many times they are counterproductive to moving things forward. 

Our focus is on providing the services YOUR CLUB and its members need to succeed.  Because when all is said and done – it will be your collective efforts that bring about the changes we need for our community.

The Canadian Firearms Institute is dedicated to changing the perception of the firearms community in the public forum and bringing about fact based, common sense changes to existing legislation. 

We believe strongly that to do this it must be a grass-roots effort.  These changes will not happen unless the roots are strong.

Every internal support system we have developed – from ensuring personalized processing for your membership to tailor made courses for your club members which provides the training your members need and allows the club to generate much needed funds – is geared to providing the support that clubs across the country need to grow and become strong.

Our focus is on meeting your needs!

If this is the type of personalized service and focus you wish your club had, please contact us for more details. / 705.689.3167 / 800.749.3108


 Club Partnership – Options

Joining is as Easy as ONE, TWO, THREE:

ONE: Fill out the Club Partnership form ( Club Package)

TWO: Provide CFI with a list of your members (mail/email)

THREE: Remit payment for club fees and individuals

Your Club Partnership is effective upon the receipt of the completed Partnership application form, membership list and payment. There is no need for the individual members to fill out a form, just send the office your list and your cards will be processed and mailed to each member within the week.

What makes us Different?

Our Attitude ● Our Commitment


Insured Club & its Members Support:

  • The purchase of a service

Full Partner Clubs Support: The Sport

  • Development & Delivery of Safety & Training Programs
  • Development & Delivery of Increased Sporting Activities/ Opportunities for all shooters
  • Junior Shooters
  • Political Advocacy
  • Raised awareness & positive public perception of the community & sport
  • Growth & Expansion of Canadian Firearms Community as a whole
  • Charitable Efforts of Community Partners
  • New Club & Range Development
  • Feed The Hungry Program
  • Alliance Members & their goals
You need to choose one of the following two options:


1) Full Club Partnership: (All Services & Benefits)

  • $50.00 club fee plus the appropriate fee for each member/family of the club,
  • (new members reported monthly)
  • Insurance coverage includes coverage for guests (no extra fee required) as well special events even those where liquor is served.
 Individual Partner Options: Full individual Partnerships (all Services & Benefits)
  • Single $45.00
  • Family $75.00
  • Senior $25.00
  • Junior $20.00


Your remittance would be calculated like this:

  • # of Individual Members * 45.00
  • # of Families * 75.00
  • # of Seniors * 25.00
  • # of Juniors * 20.00
  • Plus the Club Fee 50.00 (plus hst)


2) Insured Club Partnership: (Insurance Coverage Only)

  • 5mil Liability and 5mil D&O insurance. (No other services or benefits)
  • $50.00 club fee and $15.00 per member.
  • (New members reported monthly)
  • Insurance coverage includes coverage for guests (no extra fee required) as well special events even those where liquor is served.
  • Your individual members can choose to upgrade to a full partnership if they choose to.

Your remittance would be calculated like this:

  • $50.00 + (#number of members x $15.00)