Facts About the Canadian Firearms Community EVERY Politician Should KNOW!

  • Trustworthy Gun owners are a significant voting bloc. They actively participate in the election process at all levels of government on a much higher average than the overall Canadian population. In the last two federal elections only about 60% (14 million) people voted. Trustworthy Firearms owners and their families can account for 4 million votes. That translates into 35% of the vote.
  • Normally the voting pattern of the Canadian Firearms community mimics that of the overall Canadian voting pattern – however when firearms ownership is threatened during an election this pattern changes.
  • Over 70% of trustworthy hand gun owners have well above average income and education. They tend to be professionals or business owners.
  • Purchases of restricted firearms are closely monitored by the RCMP. All trustworthy Firearms Owners have taken mandatory safety courses, and been investigated individually by the government. This process is repeated every 5 years upon renewal.
  • All of our members are properly licensed and in compliance with all federal firearms regulations – not doing so leaves them open to federal prosecution.
  • In short and contrary to what the media would have you believe – legally licensed firearms owners in Canada are the most stable and trustworthy group in the country.


If you are a trustworthy gun owner get out and VOTE!!!
Advance Voting Days

October 9th – 12th – noon to 8pm