Why reviving Ontario’s spring bear hunt would be good for economy

Ashley Csanady | September 15, 2015 | Last Updated: Sep 16 8:49 AM ET
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A man loads a hunted black bear into a truck in this file photo. Should Ontario renewed its spring bear hunt to bolster the northern economy?

An investigation from a U.K. paper claims to blow open Canada’s secret history of black bear hunting, but that’s old news in Ontario where the spring bear hunt has been a source of controversy for decades.


Sitting on a platform along with his friends Reed Sutley watches two bears move in to a clearing before being handed a high-powered hunting rifle.

It’s easy to be outraged by videos that show hunters, cozy in their blinds, baiting bears to shoot them dead, as described in depth by Britain’s Daily Mirror this week, which piggybacked on outrage over big-game hunting in Africa to take aim at North America’s booming trade. It’s a lot harder to consider the cold hard economic facts, the dollars and cents, that drive the annual hunt and have renewed calls to resuscitate Ontario’s spring bear hunt.

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