CFI Update – Ontario Ammunition Regulations – Public Safety Concerns

As expected, many of the MPP’s have replied to our collective correspondence in a less than satisfactory manner.  Instead of taking the opportunity to affect positive change – we get this band-aid response to our concerns:

Please see the response from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

The Chief Firearms Office (CFO) administers the licensing requirements of the (federal) Firearms Act as it pertains to individuals and businesses residing and operating within the province. The CFO is delegated authority under the act by the provincial minister of community safety and correctional services.

In Ontario businesses were required to record the PAL License number over and above the following:

  1. The date and time of the purchase.
  2. The name, age and address of the purchaser.
  3. The type of identification and permit produced and their serial numbers.
  4. The calibre and quantity of ammunition purchased.

There were privacy concerns raised that when purchasing ammunition an individual or employee    could view personal information of other customers while the store employee recorded the information required within the Ammunition Act. To minimize this risk the CFO of Ontario has advised business licensees that they are no longer required recording the address of the purchaser.

Our Position:

If this is the case, then the Ontario government has already confirmed that there are “privacy” issues surrounding the requirements of the Ammunition Act. Therefore changing the act to protect our privacy should not be an issue of contention. There is no logical rationale for not making the requested change.

Furthermore, a successful legal argument could be made – that if by taking the PAL# of the individual is sufficient to meet the retailers legal obligation – with respect to collecting the address information – the same would hold true with respect to the other two items required – “name” and “age” – as these two pieces of information can be obtained by the authorities in an identical manner.

There should be no need to make that argument.

We are asking for a simple one line amendment to a Regulation that the Government of Ontario has already publicly admitted is problematic.

The issue at hand is greater than “privacy” and speaks to the safety of all. Failure, on behalf of the government of Ontario to act on this, shows a marked lack of respect and concern for the safety of residents of this province.

If you have received a response like this – we urge you to respond to your MPP, letting him/her know that it is not enough – what we are asking for is fair and reasonable.  The expense in terms of time and taxpayers dollars is minimal.  The issue goes beyond personal privacy issues.  This change in the regulations would eliminate any possibility of us being targeted for theft – as a result of our ammo purchases.  We take our responsibilities seriously – it is not unfair to expect them to do the same.


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