Senate Public Bill S-223 (42-1) Should you be concerned?

The answer is YES but not because it’s likely to become law (chances are very slim)…but because it perpetuates an idea or concept…that if we don’t do something about now, may at some point present a real threat to our community and our sport in the near future.

The main idea or concept being tossed out for public consideration – is that there is no need for firearms to be stored in our homes.  That guns used for sporting purposes should be stored at the gun clubs we belong to.

That is the message.

As firearms owners, many of us scoff and say this will never happen because we understand the absolute insanity of the concept and the overall fundamental danger to society as a whole, or we focus our efforts on picking apart every detail of the intended legislation. Don’t get caught up in the details – pay attention to the message that the general public is being asked to buy into.

Understand how the other guys see it.

From the perception of the general public – who only sees the destruction and pain caused by the criminal use of firearms and has no understanding or perception of the value of our sport and our community…having all of the firearms locked up in one safe protected place may seem like a perfectly good idea.

Do something positive to change their perception!

Changing public perception takes time…strategic planning…effort and money. We need your support to help counter-act that message, so please consider joining or donating today.

The MOST important message we can share:

We are safe, responsible and trained.

As an organization, the Canadian Firearms Institute is focused on:  Education, Participation, and Communication …in a pro-active, rather than re-active fashion – the purpose – SAVE, SUPPORT and CELEBRATE our sport and our heritage.  This takes money – so please consider helping us achieve these goals by joining or donating.

As individual firearms owners, this is HOW YOU can help spread this message:

  • Volunteer at your club and encourage them to run open houses, ladies days and charitable events.
  • Build a relationship with your community as well as local, provincial and federal representatives and their staff – offer them the opportunity to see for themselves what how seriously we take the responsibilities our firearms license affords us.
  • Participate in our TAKE TWO to THE RANGE program – share the fun and the smiles with us and we will send you a CFI T-shirt to say thank you!
  • Like our Facebook pageshare the positive messages shared there and keep up to date with what is happening across the country
  • Share this video made by first time shooters with friends and family – show them the smiles!

With your support – We can SHARE the MESSAGE – and SAVE our SPORT!

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