Put Kellie Leitch First on the Ballot, Max Bernier 2nd – Here’s WHY!

Entire Firearms Community *: Kellie includes the Sport Shooters (PAL & RPAL holders), Max is hunter focused (PAL only)

Self-protection*– Kellie only candidate to even address the issue, Max has no comment.

Immigration* – Kellie says there’s a problem; Max says there is no problem.

Economic Policy *– Kellie’s statements are more concrete – but both are focused on reducing taxes and promoting overall growth.

Canadian Rights and Freedoms* – Kellie’s entire campaign revolves her absolute belief in the rights and freedoms of individual Canadians, Max’s policies from all appearances lean towards grabbing the popular vote.

*Voting Issues identified by firearms owners in our ongoing 2016/7 National Community Survey – canadianfirearmsinstitute.ca

In order to vote for the new leader, you must hold an active membership to the Conservative Party. If you’re not a member, you must buy a membership before March 28 to vote for the new leader!

You have until Tuesday (March 28th) BEFORE 5pm to buy your Conservative membership!

It could be the best $15.00 you’ve ever spent!


We suggest you buy it here – https://donate.conservative.ca/membership-kellieleitch?lang=en

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