Ontario – Changes Needed to Ammunition Regulations – to Prevent Targeted Firearms Theft.

The CFI is urging the Provincial government to amend the current data collection process required for the purchase of ammunition in this province, and we NEED your HELP.

Currently, when we buy ammunition, we are required, by law to provide our names, age, and address.  This process leaves us vulnerable as not all stores are as careful as they could be with the lists that they keep.  Technology makes it easy to get the information – even from stores that are especially careful.  One click of a button on someone’s phone – grabs it all.

The lists provide criminals with easy, instant access to the names and addresses of firearms owners, thereby placing our community at risk for targeted break-ins and creating an overall risk to public safety. We are asking that the process be changed to our name, PAL and expiry date to ensure that our information is accessible to only the proper authorities and our homes and our families are safer from harm.

Despite repeated requests to the Minister of Public Safety – the Hon. Yasir Naqvi – he has failed to satisfactorily address this issue.  We have made our concerns known to all of Ontario MPPs and are now asking your assistance to apply pressure to ensure that this is effectively and immediately addressed.

Please take the time to write your MPP – they are currently at home until the beginning of February.  (View Sample Letter)

A list of addresses can be found here – http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/members/members_current.do?locale=en

Send duplicate copies to:

Naqvi, Hon. Yasir  ynaqvi.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org 109 Catherine Street, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0P4

Natyshak, Taras  tnatyshak-co@ndp.on.ca  316 Talbot Street North, Essex, ON, N8M 2E1

Nicholls, Rick  rick.nichollsco@pc.ola.org ,  Suite 100, 111 Heritage Road, Chatham, ON, N7M 5W7

ASK others to do the same.

The Ontario CFO currently encourages stores to collect our PAL numbers and not our addresses, but this is not enough, as many retailers stick to the letter of the law.  The laws need to reflect the changes in process that technology permits and ensure the safety of us all.

The cost of using a professional lobbyist to assist in this process is approximately $100,000.00 – donations to offset this cost would be greatly appreciated.

By Working Together, we can make this change happen!

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