Take the Test – How skilled are you at making your Opinions count with our Politicians?

As a gun owner, sportsman and Canadian, taking an active interest in the bills introduced each year which affect the future of our sport and outdoor recreation in Canada and your province of residence, is the best way to help ensure your future and your right to own firearms. How much do you know about making your opinions count? Take the test.

Advocacy Skills
Give yourself 10 points if you know that your elected representatives really do pay attention to what the people they have been elected to represent are thinking. Writing or meeting with your local politician is an important part of making changes.
Give yourself 10 points if your answer was YES. If you answered no -Find your member of parliament using your postal code
Most MP's are not concerned with formality - "b" will get your letter to their desk. The term "Right Honourable" is used to address MPs that are members of Cabinet.
The very best way to communicate with you MP - is to meet him/her in person! This has the greatest impact. Writing a letter and sending to his/her local office is the next best option. Failing which an email is better than nothing.
Answer is b - you are the one they want to hear from - you are the one they will listen to. A well reasoned letter from a constituent has far more weight than an angry quote in the newspaper or signature on a petition. A face to face discussion is best.
"d" is the best answer.
"b" - Remember the old adage - You'll get more bees with honey."
The correct answer is "d" - your opinion is what matters.
"b" - They are people too. Treat them with respect and they will listen.
"c" 600 or more bills are introduced each session. It would be impossible to know everything about each one of them. That is why it is so important for you to communicate your opinions to your MP - it makes him/her pay particular attention to the issue.
"a" is the best answer - in fact as soon as you hear that an issue may be tabled - you should contact your MP and express your opinions.
"a" Always send your thanks for any assistance or part that your MP has played in advancing your concerns. Not only is polite and good business - it lets him/her know that you are paying attention to what he/she does.

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