CFI Master Instructor Program

Partner with us! As a CFI member, and independent business person, we offer you an opportunity to take your love of the sport one step further by sharing your expertise to train others and earn a respectable income at the same time. (Number of Instructors will be limited to ensure success.)

  • PAL, RPAL,
  • previous experience in Adult training,
  • experienced shooter,
  • a love of all shooting sports,
  • valid Police Vulnerability background check.
  • Current First Aid Certification


Time Investment:  5 days
Initial Costs:
  • Course, Kit & Certification: $1,500.00 (+applicable Taxes)
  • Instructors Liability Insurance: $250.00 (+applicable Taxes)
  • CFI Partnership: $45.00


 Continuing Costs: (Annually)
  • Instructors Liability Insurance: $250.00
  • CFI Partnership: $45.00
  • Training for new courses as they are introduced (materials & time)



Successful candidates will be able to offer all of the courses offered by CFI – both at a club level and club level instructor level. (11 different courses to date).


Income Opportunity:

Instructors will earn between $50 and $200.00 per student. Courses can be taught across the country and no specific areas are assigned.

If you are interested, please contact for more information or download the application.


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