Media This Week – Feb 19th

Full of events, ideas,politics and rhetoric…. A weekly report on what’s going on in our community, the good and the not so good…

Getting Kids Started in Shooting Sports

The focus will be on the start, and by that I mean the age where shooting is introduced and advanced. I can’t name an exact age because that might vary greatly depending on the kids, the parents, and available opportunities, but I am not talking about older kids, 15 and older, those who are fully capable of contesting conventional adult oriented shooting sports competitions……A few ideas on when and how — Read more –


Volunteers Needed at BC Winter Games

Of need are volunteers at the Biathlon competition held at the Telemark Nordic Club in West Kelowna.  Volunteers are required for all three days of competition (February 26-28).  There are a variety of positions available including target pullers, scorers, course controllers, penalty loop counters and start and finish line assistants. Training will be provided at the venues. Volunteers are required for shifts between 8 a.m. and noon.

BC – Volunteers Needed for 2016 BC Winter Games in Penticton


Mounted shooters association approved for the region

A little snow is not enough to keep new members of the Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association of BC from getting out to practice!

Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association of BC (CMSABC) is a registered non-profit society. As of 2015, British Columbia has now joined Canadian provinces Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in offering this exciting fast-paced event. Ontario and Nova Scotia have also recently organized their first mounted shooting associations.

Way to go! Yet another way to enjoy our sport and challenge ourselves.   Continue Reading –


Amputation no limit for drumming, kayaking, skiing, shooting teen

Hats off to Jesse Ehman – you make us proud!   Read this article –


Hunting Enthusiast Continues Promoting Northern Ontario Across Canada

This is one tough outdoorswomen and a product of Northern Ontario, a small town called Manitouwadge. This young woman has proved her worth as an athlete, an inspirational speaker, and a hunter whose mission it is to preserve our hunting heritage.  Continue Reading


Canadian Airgun Grand Prix

Heads UP – Canadian Airgun Grand Prix – Registration is open – Check out the new facilities!


Atlantic Outdoor Sports RV & Boat Show – March 11th – 13th

Check out the line up at the Atlantic Outdoor Sports RV & Boat ShowCabela’s Pro Staff – Amanda Lynn Mayhew, Highway Thru Hell and more…


Barrhead County resident off to Alberta Winter Games

2016 Alberta Winter Games 12 year old competes – way to go.…/Barrhead-County-resident-of…


Soo Cadets use mind tricks, advance to nationals

Nice Job Cadets – read article…/soo-cadets-use-mind-tricks-advan…


Canadian PAL, RPAL & Hunter’s Ed Instructors

Looking to boost your business – let us help –…/


Membership Assistance Program (MAP) – Grant -The Membership Assistance Program – MAP – is financial assistance available to eligible STSA Affiliated Clubs for the promotion and development of the sport of target shooting. Funding for MAP is provided through the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund and is derived from the proceeds of lottery ticket sales in Saskatchewan. To be eligible, clubs must be members in good standing with STSA for at least 24 months prior to application.…/membership-assistance-progr…/

Camp Perry Online Registration – ready to go –


 Politics and Rhetoric

There has been a lot of talk about the Liberal Government and their intent to bring back the Registry…they have clearly stated over and over again that this is not their intent….HOWEVER….it is clear that they do intend to make changes to the current system and these changes are most likely adversely affect our ability to enjoy our sport.

Their stated purpose is to control gun crimes, however, it appears that instead of tackling the fundamental problems that need addressing like:

  • targeting the criminals by supporting the efforts of our policing bodies by providing the increased funding they need to do their jobs effectively,
  • addressing the housing pressures within the jails and penitentiaries, 
  • ensuring that existing laws are upheld and violent criminals are not allowed back on our streets


…they will be targeting the guns – the result of these efforts:

  • provide the general public with a false sense of security and faith in their government’s ability to make good on its promises. 
  • no change or an increase  in violent criminal activities
  • under funded policing bodies – with increased pressure to perform
  • increased overcrowding in jails
  • deal cutting, reduced sentences, more violent criminals on our streets
  • increased red tape for the Canadian shooting community


There is an abundance of proof that this sort of plan is doomed to failure and is the definition of insanity.

We need to Work Together to help STOP THE INSANITY.   As individuals and organizations – we need to start/continue to communicate this fact to our MPs regularly. Let the government know that as a community we would support efforts that would target criminals and curtail criminal activities, but what we will not support are half measures that have no real effect crime, produce no real results, and interfere with our ability to enjoy our sport.

We also need to start introducing more people to our sport.  TAKE TWO individuals who have never shot before to the RANGE – tell us about it (include pictures of the smiles if you can) – and as a small token of our appreciation – we will send you a CFI T-Shirt.


By Working Together, we can make this change happen!

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