CFI National Recreational Action Pistol Program

“The Canadian Firearms Institute is a non-profit National Firearms Owners advocacy and resource organization dedicated to protecting Canadians’ Firearms Heritage.”

In house Club Level – Match or Tournament

This type of match or event is entirely designed by the Club or organization using the offered courses of fire, to meet the needs of its membership.(details)

Approved Match or Competition

This type of match is held for classification purposes and must adhere to the AP Rule book. However the Official Referee or Supervisor is assigned by the sponsor.

There are certain criteria that must be met in order to allow for a National standard classification system. (details)

Registered Match or Competition

A registered match must adhere to the CFI AP Rulebook. Competitors are classified and ranked at the end of the match. National Records may only be set during a Registered Match or Competition. (details)

Sanctioned Regional or Provincial Competitions

Are registered matches, however CFI provides additional support and prizes—as well as the opportunity to have the match included in the NRA roster for ranking and classification purposes and are sponsored ONLY by CFI clubs and/or affiliated organizations. (details)