I am afraid of GUNS…how many times have we heard that phrase?

To those of us that enjoy the shooting sports, that is not a rational fear and we would argue that it’s not guns that should scare you because guns don’t kill people.

This argument does not work well with most who have never shot before, even though to us it makes perfect sense.

We know that our guns don’t shoot by themselves.  We know  because we have learned how to use them.


So, because we know this…we know how to fix the problem!

The answer is simple…EDUCATION


If you are not sure that the answer to all of our problems is that simple….please take the time to watch our latest YouTube Video.  It was created by people who at first were afraid of guns….see what happened to their fear when they LEARNED how to shoot.

 Your support is needed, so that we can continue to change the perception of our community.

Help Us SAVE, SUPPORT & CELEBRATE our sport and our heritage.

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