Congratulations Minister Ralph Goodale – we look forward to working with you to effectively address and curtail criminal behaviours, while ensuring that our ability to enjoy our sport and our culture heritage activities remain intact.

The urgency to “do something” felt by all of us in the community should not however be diminished. Let’s get back to focusing on the sport, sharing our sport and opening lines of communication with all parties so that we can realistically and rationally address the issues as they are brought to the table by the new government.

It is important that as organizations, clubs and individuals we make a concentrated effort to advocate at all levels. The most important contribution you can make is to share the sport with someone who has never experienced it. Take two to the range – and encourage your club to hold events that support the greater community around you.

“The power to effect positive change that a grass-roots movement has, is great – because each blade of grass is as dedicated to effecting change and contributes equally to the success of the whole.” says Canadian Firearms Institute, Acting CEO Pyper Unitt  “As a community, we need to work together to change the terribly skewed perception the general public has of us, our sport and our heritage. This can only be accomplished through education, understanding and the sharing of our sport with others.”




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