Registered Match or Competition

A registered match must adhere to the CFI AP Rulebook.

Competitors are classified and ranked at the end of the match. National Records may only be set during a Registered Match or Competition.

The sponsoring organization or club can design its own event; however two of the four COF shot at the Canadian Recreational Action Pistol Cup must be included. An application must be filed by the sponsoring organization, specifying all of the details before CFI approval can be granted.

In addition to a program which is used to advertise the event, there must be a bulletin provided to each of the competitors and CFI after the event transpires.

A 3 member jury must be assigned by the sponsoring club or organization.

There is a per competitor fee charged by the CFI for the administration and distribution of the classification cards.

It is as follows:

  • CFI Member—$4.00
  • Non-Member—$8.00
  • CFI Junior (18 years or under) – no charge
  • Junior (18 years or under) – $2.00

CFI Membership is not required. No additional CFI fees apply. Fees are remitted with scoring after the match has been shot.

For additional information please contact the CFI at