Approved Match or Competition

This type of match is held for classification purposes and must adhere to the CFI Recreational Action Pistol Rule Book 2015. However the Official Referee or Supervisor is assigned by the sponsor.

There are certain criteria that must be met in order to allow for a National standard classification system.

Clubs can design their own match, however, the CFI must be notified of their intent and a program, specifying the details of the event must be provided before approval is given.

There is a per competitor fee charged by the CFI for the administration and distribution of the classification cards.

It is as follows:

  • CFI Member—$4.00
  • Non-Member—$8.00
  • CFI Junior (18 years or under) – no charge
  • Junior (18 years or under) – $2.00

CFI Membership is not required. No additional CFI fees apply. Fees are remitted with scoring after the match has been shot.

For additional information please contact the CFI at