Club Level Instructors Courses

As we grow as a community, there is a need and a desire for training. The CFI is dedicated to developing and providing this training with attention to safety – to strengthen and support clubs and ranges across Canada.

Having in house instructors at your club – allows your club

  • the opportunity to earn additional money for the club’s coffers
  • offer courses on an as required basis
  • to increase and ensure the safe shooting environment for all involved.

Currently, the CFI offers club level instructor courses for the following:

  • Club Level Safety Course
  • Range Officer Course
  • RAPT – Action Pistol and Holster Certification course
  • Action Pistol RO course
  • Fundamentals of Shooting Course

The cost of for each instructor is $250.00 and the instructor must be a CFI member in good standing. The annual fee is $45.00

The cost to the club and the instructor to teach these fundamental courses is set by the CFI and any individual taking the course must be a CFI member in good standing ($45.00). The average income derived for the club is $50.00 per individual taking the training. The per student cost for the take-away-materials is on average $5.00.

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