CFI Club Level Instructor Program

Help your club fill its coffers! We offer Club Level Instructor Courses to CFI partners who are dedicated club members, wishing to share their experience and love of the sport with new comers and old timers alike. Individuals who want to take on this role within their club will, by volunteering their instruction time, generate much needed income for their respective clubs and provide valuable training to their fellow members.

Club Level Instructor Courses are available for the following CFI Courses:

  • CFI Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
  • CFI Range Office Course
  • CFI Basic Holster Certification Course
  • CFI – RAPT Course – Combined (Recreational Action Pistol Training)
  • CFI RAPT Course
  • CFI Club Level Safety Course



  • Some prior adult training experience
  • Must have taken the course and have a demonstrable level of understanding (or have equivalent experience) of the course you wish to teach
  • Must belong to a club and be prepared to donate your time
  • In some cases – (Club Level Safety Course) must be recommended by your club executive
  • First Aid Training – highly recommended


The purpose of our Club Level Instructor Program

  • Promote autonomy for clubs.  We teach and offer a “Club Level Instructor Course” for our courses so that clubs can become autonomous and run the courses they require as they require them.
  • Generate Income for a Club – Club Level Instructors must teach on a volunteer basis in order to be covered by the liability insurance that is in place at a club. This certification is not designed to generate any income for an individual – but rather to allow an individual to donate his/her time to generate income for his/her club.

If you are interested, please contact for more information.